Low temperature Low humidity

Low temperature Low humidity
Low temperature Low humidity
Product Description

Ice Make low temperature low humidity Dehydration Dryer offers several advantages over conventional hot-air dryers for the drying of food products, including higher energy efficiency, better product quality and the ability to operate independently of outside ambient weather conditions. In addition, this technology is environmentally friendly in that gases and fumes are not given off into the atmosphere. The condensate can be recovered and disposed of in an appropriate manner and there is also the potential to recover valuable volatiles from the condensate.

Ice Make Dehydration Dryer is combination of low temperature low humidity .

The function of low temperature low humidity is to add the latent and sensible heat with low energy consumption and Dehumidifier is used to remove moisture from drying chamber to maintain low relative humidity.

Our Dehydration Dryer’s features can be define as,

Energy saving & Environmental protection:

Saving operating cost, No waste heat (insulation chamber and recirculation of hot air), Less noise

Exact control of temperature and humidity:

According to different material require different drying temperature, low temperature low humidity can control drying Temperature between 30 to 75 ͦC and relative humidity between 5 to 25 %.

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