Mini Blast Chiller Freezer

Mini Blast Chiller Freezer

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Ice Make Blast Freezer and Chiller are the essential system to extend the shelf life of food by instant chilling and freezing. These machines are designed to meet customers requirement to improve quality and organization of the work in hotel and restaurants, confectioneries, bakeries and ice-cream industries. These

machines are design to meet the hygiene standards, preserving the quality of food, and reducing food wastage.


  • Reduce the deterioration of products during the freezing process
  • Increase the shelf life of the food product
  • Maintain food quality including flavour, texture, colour, aroma and nutrients
  • Save money by making use of seasonal and bulk offers
  • Save labour by enabling larger batch production
  • Reduce waste of less used products and preserve for later
  • Add new products to menu
  • Be prepared and store during less busy periods